PIA Hair Salon Creative Work

This is a collection of our stylings and make-ups. In each year we come up with a theme and experiment with various styling techniques to seek something fresh and unique. We believe in creativity to elevate our craft as beauticians. Enjoy!



California style

Warm, relaxed, and multicultural. Capturing “Californian vibe” through street fashion and casual hairstyles.

Hair Stylists:         Shota G. / Satoshi T.
Make-up Artist:     Satoko S.
Photographers:      Shota G. 




Natural & easy

Relatable look & feel for everyday styling.

Hair Stylists:         Shota G. / Yuuki K.
Make-up Artist:     Satoko S.
Photographers:      Shota G. / Yuuki K.



Imaginative & expressive

Freeform and expressive. Showcased each stylist’s unique, colorful, and imaginative world.

Hair Stylist:           Ryo S. / Masa O.
Make-up Artist:     Mari O.
Photographer:        Shota G.