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For textural concerns. Instantly detangles and improves the feel of hair, giving it a soft, silky-smooth finish.

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Nov. 1st ~ Nov. 30th
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Milbon Smooth
Smoothing Shampoo

Detangles for a silkier feel

200ml    $20 + tax
500ml    $46 + tax
1000ml$64 + Tax

(reg. price)


Milbon Smooth
Luminous Bodifying Oil

For fine hair. Fortifies limp hair while enhancing smoothness and shine.

Milbon Smooth
Luminous Softening Oil

For coarse hair. Softens unruly hair while enhancing smoothness and shine.

How to use: Apply on towel-dried hair from mid-length to end.
Style as desired.

120ml    $36 + tax (reg. price)


Milbon Smooth
Smoothing Treatment < conditioner >

Smoothies cuticle to enhance texture and shine

200g     $32 + tax
500g     $64 + tax
1000g   $74 + tax

(reg. price)


Milbon Repair
Restorative Blowout Primer

Repairs severely damaged hair to prep for styling.

Available in 2 formulas for fine and coarse hair: FINE further boosts elasticity and COARSE enhances softness.

How to use: Apply on towel-dried hair from mid-length to ends, focusing on damaged area. Style as desired.

120g    $36 + tax (reg. price)

Beautiful from the Inside out

At MILBON, we think about hair the way others think about skin: to show off its fullest beauty, it needs to be healthy.
For natural-looking beauty, it's never a question of covering up problems - it's about repairing them from the inside out.

360° Beautiful Hair

Hair that's healthy and beautiful from any angle, inside and out - that's our approach.


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