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Elujuda is a 2 in 1 Leave-in Treatment & Styling Product. Elujuda isn’t a conventional leave-in treatment. It acts as styling foundation because it immediately restores hair to its most ideal condition for blow outs. And the finishing is amazingly light! Extracted from the oils of the baobab tree Elujuda leaves hair unbelievably soft, supple and smooth. Available in two formulas, one for fine hair and one for coarse hair.


Elujuda FO (Fluent Oil)

For Fine Hair:
Oil-soluble Silk PPT enhances the density of the protein within the cortex and reconstructs it. Fine hair becomes more supple and manageable.


(Original retail price $36.00)

Elujuda MO (Mellow Oil)

For Coarse Hair:
Olive squalane relaxes the hydrogen connections within the cortex giving it flexibility. Coarse hair becomes soft and manageable.


(Original retail price $36.00)


What is Baobab Oil?

Baobab oil, extracted from the Baobab tree in Africa, is highly effective in restoring the cuticles to evenly soften the surface of the hair. Silk PPT (for FO) and Olive Squalane (For MO) also work to the hair from inside to give it an adequate hardness for completely enhance manageability.