Promotion: Try our scalp treatment & massage to rejuvenate your hair.


A perfect add-on to any hair-services.
Scalp Treatment / Massage (15min) $25

Scalp condition is essential for healthy hair growth. We use MEDILOOK total scalp aging care system to revitalize and maintains the scalp health.

Scalp redness is a sign of hair aging problems.

Increase of abnormal hair roots cause hair-cycle disturbances such as the shortening of hair growth period and extension of dormant period.

Provide moisture to a scalp with redness to attain a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Medilook Alpha products all contain ingredients that lead to a moisturized scalp.These ingredients provide moisture to a sensitive scalp with redness and a weak skin barrier.

  • Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract (Moisturizing Ingredient) provides moisture to the scalp, reducing the causes of redness and leading to a more moisturized scalp.

  • Red Wine Yeast Extract (Moisturizing ingredient) targets the source of redness, alleviating redness and leading to a more moisturized scalp.                             


Customer Review

Since I started to use Medilook, my scalp is now in excellent condition. I’m not suffering from an itchy scalp or dandruff problems! I’ve received a great reaction from my family. My wife stopped complaining about the bad smell my head used to have.