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No more flat ironing everyday!

PIA Hair Salon offers “Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening!” We have 25 years of experience on Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening and over 9,000 people came to get their hair straightening done.

“Straight-hair, don’t care!”

That'll be your new motto to get you through whatever life throws at your way- as long as you have straight, sleek and smooth strands, you can handle anything!

  • Short hair       $230 ~
  • Medium hair   $240 ~
  • Long hair       $250 ~          

(*including haircut)

FAQ about Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening.

Q: What is Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening?

A: It's a revolutionary new technique that was originated in Japan to permanently straighten curly, wavy, and hard to manage hair. The process combines both chemicals and heat to soften the bonds of the hair to reform the bonds in a straight pattern. After treatment, you will have a pin straight, smooth, silky and shiny hair that's healthier than before the treatment.

Q: How long does the Japanese hair straightening process take?

A: It usually takes about an average of 3 ~ 4 hours depends on the hair type, length, amount of hair and damage level.

Q: How long does the Japanese Hair Straightening last?

A: Once the hair has been treated, it will remain straight almost permanently. However, new hair will grow according to its natural texture. We recommend that you get touch-ups every 4 to 6 months, but the interval will vary depending on your natural hair texture and how quickly your hair grows.

Q: How soon can I wash my hair after the treatment?

A: You can wash or wet your hair 2 days after this treatment is done. Do not ponytail or tuck your hair behind your ears. Also, do not put pins, clips, rubber bands, barrettes on hair as it may leave a kink in the hair. Blow dry 100% after shampooing every time to maintain straightness.

Q: Can the process be done on color treated and/or highlighted hair?

A: Yes and no. It can be done on color treated hair, and hair that has been highlighted up to 30%. However, you should consult for full head of highlights, double processed highlights or extremely damaged hair.

Q: Can I have Japanese Hair straightening and color at the same time?

A: No. Color your hair at least 2 weeks before or after the straightening procedure. Applying both chemical treatments simultaneously will result in hair damage, so do them separately to avoid undesirable results. However, we do not recommend home coloring and suggest having your hair professionally colored as special precautions need to be taken.

Q: Do I need to use special hair-care products after the Japanese Hair Straightening?

A: Milbon offers home care products that will work optimally on hair that has been treated with Liscio hair straightening. Milbon's Nigelle ER shampoo and treatment have been specially formulated to enhance the soft and weightless feel of the hair, as well as to maintain the manageability and silky feel. These products will maintain your hair straight and beautiful, because some shampoos have adverse effect on the hair after it has been thermally reconditioned, it is very important to follow a routine with the shampoo and treatment.

Yumi Ishii