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What is Digital Perm?

Digital perm uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine. A normal / cold perm basically requires only a perm solution. A digital perm requires both a different perm solution and HEAT.

Digital perm require the curlers to be attached to a computer that can be digitally programmed to heat up to specific temperatures, giving your stylist control the temperature of the rods, and therefore, control over the curling effect.


What’s the difference between a normal perm and a digital perm?

The major difference in results between normal perms and a digital perm is the shape and the texture of the wave.

With normal perms, the wave is most prominent when the hair is wet and tends to loosen when it is dry. So it is necessary to use more hair wax or hair mousse compared to a digital perm. With a normal perm you can achieve tighter and smaller curls that can start at the top of your head.

With digital perms, the wave is most prominent when the hair is dry, so you need less product compared to normal perm. The curls are usually bigger and cannot be applied to the top of your hair, only the lower half because of the heat process. The curls also look more natural. As a result, you can create the natural and wavy look of using a curling iron or hot curlers.

Digital perms thermally recondition the hair. The chemicals and processing steps are similer to a straight perm, the hair often feels softer, smoother, and shinier after a digital perm.

  • Digital perms last 1.5 to 2 times longer than normal perm. 
  • Approximately last 3 to 6 month.
Normal Perm

Normal Perm

Digital Perm

Digital Perm

Is the Digital Perm for you?

A normal perm works better with finer, Caucasian hair, while digital perms are more effective with thicker, coarser hair, like Asian hair in particular. However, if your hair is "virgin" hair (meaning it hasn't processed before) and extremely thick, digital perm may not stay put very well. When you curl your hair with a hot curling iron, do the curls last? If the answer is "YES" then your hair will probably suit well with a digital perm. If "NO", you may want to reconsider since this is typically an expensive option.

How long will it take?

This depends on the size of the curlers, but the whole process can take about 3 hours.
Be mindful that you can't wash your hair for 2 days thereafter.


  • Short hair     $190
  • Medium Hair $200
  • Long Hair    $210
  • (*if you don't need haircut, it'll be $10 less than above)


A digital perm is a low-maintenance hair option that doesn't need much styling. In fact, the less, the better. Try to avoid blow drying which will cause stress to your already-processed hair. Brushing a hand through your hair should be enough for everyday looks. If you want more structure and definition, revive curls by swirling them around your finger. Use a little bit of hair spray to hold them in place.