All the ARIMINO’s SPICE styling series are 15% off now~


ARIMINO’s SPICE styling series offers everything you need.

Get a structured look with heavy hold, but soft to the touch.

To manage all types of hair and the styles you want to create, Arimino Spice can do it all. From heavy to soft texture and strong hold to airily light finish, the pop and stylishly designed Spice series can create your unique look. Are you interested in Japanese Hair styling?



Spice Medium Wax

Excellent for all hair types, "medium" contains a vegetable squalene for enhanced moisutre and shine that leaves the hair polished and soft to the touch.

Apply to dry hair mid-shaft to ends.
Set hair and style.

$18+tax (reg.price)

SPICE Hard Wax

Strong setting cream holds like a powerful wax and finishes with a moisture-rich shine.

Apply to dry hair for a pieced out finish with shine and flexibility.

$18+tax (reg.price)



Excellent for hold and control in all styles. Jelly gives flexibility and a defined finish.

Apply to damp or dry hair mid-shaft to ends. Blow-dry and style.

$18+tax (reg.price)

Foam Hard

Excellent for wavy or curly hair textures. Foam Hard creates volume for fine hair, defines curls while maintaining movement with great hold.
It's great for styling permed wavy hair.

Apply on wet hair, mid-shaft through ends for defined wave or curl.
Apply at roots for a voluminous blow-dry that lasts all day.

$24+tax (reg.price)

apple flower.jpg

All the SPICE series has mixture of green apple and floral aroma.